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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Mitigation

(This comic consists of gens 1-4 and my own Fakemon generation. And no, I will not make exceptions. Period.) Pokemon have begun to notice the change in those captured by Humans and therefore try to resist any way they can. Some are captured, and then forced to go against their own kind and family. Even when their trainer is killed, the Pokeball must be destroyed with the pokemon outside in order for them to even be able to revert back to their wild state. Small resistances are built sparsely across the world, and some attacks have been made, but not many. However, in recent years, the pokemon have fought back, with greater force; it's enough a disturbance to discourage the new trainers for the next ten years. It is here, we begin our tale. _-*Updates are on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays when able.*-_ Reads right to left


Wow, Okay, What Happened?

One minute, I'm taking a few days off of the internet to, basically, hide from the world wide web and appreciate my life; and the next thing I know: it's about a year later, I'm single, and I haven't touched a pen in months. What happened??

My best guess? A combination of Art Block, terrible television, re-invigorated passion of writing, work drama, and mourning.
Uh.. Mourning a story. Spent almost ten years on that thing, and I finally let it go.

So the other day, I decided to finally get back on Smackjeeves and DA to see what I'd missed. Apparently a LOT. Like, to the point I'm not sure I'd be able to catch back up. And the first thing I see upon logging in? A bunch of comments, some nice, some not. Some assuming I'm dead or have given up the story (I'm so disappointed in you), but the ones that broke my heart the most were the blatantly dumb ones.
You know the ones. The kind that make you roll your eyes and wonder why you ever came back?
Yeah, those. Those made me sad. Please stop writing them.

Also, I know I said I wouldn't, but I just reread Mitigation up to this point, and the prologue and first chapter are *hiss* reeeeaaallllyyyy bad! And I want to redo them, but that's taking time away from writing Seven.

So here's what we're NOT going to do:
- We're NOT going to read those comments. Or launch a search/destroy.
- We're NOT going to attempt to catch up on the comics we missed from our time away.
- We're NOT going to assign blame of my absence to anything but myself.
- We're NOT going to be overtly nice about the fact I just ghosted you guys for a year, because that was NOT OKAY.
- We're also not going to be mean to one another about their thoughts and opinions on this matter.

So what ARE we going to do? Well lemme tell ya:
- We're going to get back to work.
- We're going to finish writing this shindig
- And It's going to be awesome.

You guys? Your job is to help keep me motivated. I'm debating the best method of doing that. I'm thinking Discord. I dunno. Anything will help at this point, because I've finally got my mojo back, but I'm still stuck in the same place I was when I lost it. I need to get over this hump if I have any chance of getting through to my favourite bits.

Are you in?
pm me or comment below! Tell your friends!

Posted by troblsomtwins829 @ February 19th, 2019, 12:52 pm
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So You Don't Have a Heart Attack

One of you guys brought it to my attention that Mitigation's profile had made he recently uploaded pages vanish.
Like, poof! Gone.

Fortunately, they were never gone.

I think the Admin changed the coding to where the "latest updates" area shows the last updates according to the Archive, rather than the actual latest updates.
I have moved the Extras section for the time being to make sure you all know I'm still here. If I find a way to change it, or the coding goes back to normal, I'll move it back (I like the extras after reading) If not, then I'll survive somehow.

Side note: Is it too much trouble to suggest you bookmark the last read page?
I dunno. I always do that. I swear there's a hundred bookmarked comics that I still haven't touched after.. what, a year and a half? But at least it helps me keep track of them all.

Anyway, back on topic. Comic's not vanished, coding got weird, updates will continue as normal for a while yet.

See you soon

Posted by troblsomtwins829 @ January 11th, 2017, 7:41 pm
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Edited Pages

(Totally forgot to do this yesterday, went straight to page work instead)

Here is a list of pages that i painstakingly went through a couple weeks ago after the sickness left. Please enjoy, (and a bit later today i'll add a before and after pic for one of them)
Followed by the page number is a description of the edit made, because some are less obvious than others, and not every edited page says exactly what i did. So, without further adieu:

-Prologue edits-
00-01... Bottom panel color
00-02... Not loading/blurred text
00-07... Spelling 'Vaporen'
00-11,12 &15 through 19.... Speech bubble color
00-35, 36 & 39... Background

-Chapter One edits-
01-01... Pixels to Greyscale
01-11... Blurred text
01-12... <Wing Attack> not 'quick attack'
01-19... Floor shadow
01-42&43... Bubble tone/Blurred text
01-45+46... Spelling
(Please note, that because a large majority of this chapter had no real backgrounds, i did not see the need to drive myself insane by adding a nice detailed background to each panel and page. Perhaps much later in the future, but not now.)

Chapter Two edits
02-01... Spelling
02-06... Bubble tones
02-13+14... Speech bubble placement
02-17...bottome panel, face edit
02-53+54...floor shadow

-Chapter Three edits-
03-07&28+29... Shading
03-31... Era overlapped Bokyurah

-Chapter Four edits-
04-32+33... Suicune hair shine
04-35... Overlay colors

Posted by troblsomtwins829 @ March 2nd, 2016, 11:48 am
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Happy (belated) New Year!

I did this for my DA, although admittedly I did it a few weeks ago, so I felt I should do it here :) so Happy New Year, all!

Since I don't have any fun white-board material up on my closet doors yet, I think I'll post them up here for the time being, and don't worry, it'll stay.
so let's begin:

Work on Original's timeline and create a satisfying first draft
- I've had the idea in my head since freshman year, and every version I've created sucks in one form or another. I need to start over, from the beginning, and perhaps redesign my main characters.
- If I can complete a decent enough draft/timeline, I might be able to start actually writing by next year.

Finish writing Mitigation
- I know I've been writing it for a couple years now, but just because I finished writing the first half doesn't mean it's finished.
- I aim to have finished thumbing up to chapter ten, if not further, by the end of this year.
- Come up with an ending that is good. satisfying. reasonable. and draws everything up nicely.
- also, beat Darkrai in Explorers, so I know how to do it... and whatever the final final boss is in Red Rescue.

- it's maddening that I want to play it, and then start up and get bored because I can't go any further without grinding for HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS
- Finish drawing through Chapter 1 (estimated 150+ pages total)
- Draw more art for it
- Watch let's plays to get inspiration
- if nothing else, novelize it. (then pray it doesn't come to that)

Design Shirts
- fun shirts. shirts people would wear!
- maybe a bit of shameless self promotion >.>
- check copyright of Travelocity's gnome....

Post more LP's
- have tons of prerecorded footage in my folders, it's taking up way too much space.
- after editing a good portion of them, try to post REGULARLY
- Play games while on break, just so I'm doing something inbetween chapters instead of "Saving" Skyrim.... on that note
- Save Skyrim from Maven Blackbriar.

Work on Games
- Have a few ideas, write them down, make a plot for them
- don't sweat the fighting mechanic, that'll come later
- check copyrighting privileges and loopholes for that one.
- Make a short horror game.
- Come up with a title for my main game.

Those are just a few of my overall resolutions. I do have several more. I don't wan't to get you guys excited but another thing I need to make a draft for is an actual Book I plan on writing that will, in time with assistance from my people (they know people), MAY end up becoming a feature-length animated film (2-d of course, cause EF those modeling & Animation programs!)
So, yeah, lots to think about and do this year. You guys have any of your own resolutions you feel like sharing? or maybe a report card for how you did last year ^^
I admit, I didn't make any last year, that's probably why I did such a poor job of keeping everything in order ^^U but this year, I am BACK on track!


Posted by troblsomtwins829 @ January 2nd, 2016, 11:50 am
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Test Answers

As requested by Jedi-J2, my apologies that the alt text didn't cooperate for you.
Have fun searching for the references ^^

I. What color are Bokyurah's eyes? (the specific color)
Fuchsia/Magenta, either is accurate.

II. What are the names of, and each Pokemon of Psychic-Fire?
(half point for each correct answer)
Bokyurah - Katzu
Era - Abra
Nick - Pikachu
Moon - Zangoose
Mau - Poochyena
Keero - Shinx

III. Name 3 or more of the 8 cameo/references in Archimedes' under-underground home (one point for each item)
I. Bible (bottom right, last panel 02 - 19)
II. Shaun the Sheep (next to box of Pokedolls 02-19& 20)
III. N64 (bookshelf, on shelf under Iten's Shirt 02 - 23)
IV. Molecule Tinker toy (Back shelf by the mirror 02 - 20, 22, 25& 26)
V. Science Class Fetus Jar(Shelf above Shaun 02 - 20)
VI. Playboy Magazine (Same shelf as Fetus 02 - 20)
VII. Archimedes himself (sword in the stone)
VIII. Art supplies (bottom of bookshelf 02 - 23-25)

IV. What Pokemon is Varuka?

V. Iten; does he, or does he NOT have amnesia from the boat attack?
Trick question, his memory was erased.

Total points possible: 12
Max points possible: 17

9/12 or more - Good job; You know your stuff! You're a Mitigation champ!
5/12 - 8/11 - Not bad, might want to work on your attention to detail.
4/12 or less - You really need to pay more attention.

Posted by troblsomtwins829 @ July 25th, 2015, 8:59 pm
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Ugh me =.=

Well...... I really did not want this to happen...

With Finals starting just this week and things picking up around work, I have had almost no time to do anything I WANTED to do, which was draw. I've also been working on a Video Game idea and minecraft stuff... not really an excuse, but good to know i was doing something creative, right?

So I have literally nothing for you guys. Hopefully after Christmas I will, since I'm being forced to take those days off (literally, my boss is threatening to ban me from the site for two days to make sure I don't work). Fortunately, though, I have sketches for the first 20 some-odd pages for chapter two and sketches for about 18 other fakemon to add to the pokedex. So as a reward for being so patient and not killing me over this delay, I'll be doing a mass update the Sunday after Christmas Break! Seriously, i will have maybe 12 things for you at most, and then we'll hopefully be back to regular updates. and also hopefully by then, DragonQuest will be back up again as well.

Yay? maybe?

I'll have to get some sort of schedule figured out between Work, School, My Game and here along with continuing my Let's Play videos on youtube very soon as well.

Well, I'll see you then, Happy Holidays everyone!


Posted by troblsomtwins829 @ December 15th, 2014, 8:50 pm
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Tablet's Not Working NOOOOO!!!!

I don't know why, but my tablet's going nuts. it may take me a while to fix it. I've got the rest of the month on pre-updates and a few pages after that, but not much else.
I'm sorry guys. But I'm going to try and get it fixed, if it's a simple uninstall-reinstall issue or there's something wrong with the pen again, or even the tablet itself(pray the case may not be) heck, for all I know, it could be the cord!

I'm going to work on fixing it, all posts for EVERYTHING will be delayed. I deeply apologize for the inconvenience. look forward to future updates in April, assuming I fix my dear tablet before the pre-updated pages run out.


Also, check out my DA for some spoiler images and promotional art for not just mitigation, but for DragonQuest too :)

Posted by troblsomtwins829 @ March 18th, 2014, 7:58 am
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Who Wants to Make a Fakemon?

I need help. fakemon, teams, inspiration, you name it.
I've only shown you a few fakemon, thus far, but you're welcome to make your own. If they pass inspection, then they'll be drawn in the mitigation style and added to the pokedex :3 anyone up for the challenge

-Fakemon submission rules-
-Must look/sound/ BE a Pokemon, in due respect
-Fairy type does not exist
-No fire/grass type or fire/bug type or anything similar of the nature
- must follow the same "laws" that Pokemon from gen 1-4 follow
-send to me via email or pm ^^
- oh yeah, and the name has to make sense, too

-Team submission rules-

-Cannot have any LESS than two members
-Cannot have any more than 6 members(must provide explanation if you wish to exceed this limit)
-Gen 5 and up, (meaning froakie, fenniken, sylveon, oshowat, and so on) does NOT exist.
-I will do cameos, should you submit your honest-to-goodness team
-can have fakemon in them
-at least one previously existing Pokemon
-I would prefer no shineys(max number of shineys I wall allow for the series is 20, and most are already in place)
-again, send via email or pm

This'll go on until chapter one is over, which'll be a while ^^ but I look forward to your submissions

see you all soon!

Posted by troblsomtwins829 @ February 25th, 2014, 4:42 pm
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