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February 25th, 2014, 4:42 pm

Who Wants to Make a Fakemon?

I need help. fakemon, teams, inspiration, you name it.
I've only shown you a few fakemon, thus far, but you're welcome to make your own. If they pass inspection, then they'll be drawn in the mitigation style and added to the pokedex :3 anyone up for the challenge

-Fakemon submission rules-
-Must look/sound/ BE a Pokemon, in due respect
-Fairy type does not exist
-No fire/grass type or fire/bug type or anything similar of the nature
- must follow the same "laws" that Pokemon from gen 1-4 follow
-send to me via email or pm ^^
- oh yeah, and the name has to make sense, too

-Team submission rules-

-Cannot have any LESS than two members
-Cannot have any more than 6 members(must provide explanation if you wish to exceed this limit)
-Gen 5 and up, (meaning froakie, fenniken, sylveon, oshowat, and so on) does NOT exist.
-I will do cameos, should you submit your honest-to-goodness team
-can have fakemon in them
-at least one previously existing Pokemon
-I would prefer no shineys(max number of shineys I wall allow for the series is 20, and most are already in place)
-again, send via email or pm

This'll go on until chapter one is over, which'll be a while ^^ but I look forward to your submissions

see you all soon!

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