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January 2nd, 2016, 11:50 am

Happy (belated) New Year!

I did this for my DA, although admittedly I did it a few weeks ago, so I felt I should do it here :) so Happy New Year, all!

Since I don't have any fun white-board material up on my closet doors yet, I think I'll post them up here for the time being, and don't worry, it'll stay.
so let's begin:

Work on Original's timeline and create a satisfying first draft
- I've had the idea in my head since freshman year, and every version I've created sucks in one form or another. I need to start over, from the beginning, and perhaps redesign my main characters.
- If I can complete a decent enough draft/timeline, I might be able to start actually writing by next year.

Finish writing Mitigation
- I know I've been writing it for a couple years now, but just because I finished writing the first half doesn't mean it's finished.
- I aim to have finished thumbing up to chapter ten, if not further, by the end of this year.
- Come up with an ending that is good. satisfying. reasonable. and draws everything up nicely.
- also, beat Darkrai in Explorers, so I know how to do it... and whatever the final final boss is in Red Rescue.

- it's maddening that I want to play it, and then start up and get bored because I can't go any further without grinding for HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS
- Finish drawing through Chapter 1 (estimated 150+ pages total)
- Draw more art for it
- Watch let's plays to get inspiration
- if nothing else, novelize it. (then pray it doesn't come to that)

Design Shirts
- fun shirts. shirts people would wear!
- maybe a bit of shameless self promotion >.>
- check copyright of Travelocity's gnome....

Post more LP's
- have tons of prerecorded footage in my folders, it's taking up way too much space.
- after editing a good portion of them, try to post REGULARLY
- Play games while on break, just so I'm doing something inbetween chapters instead of "Saving" Skyrim.... on that note
- Save Skyrim from Maven Blackbriar.

Work on Games
- Have a few ideas, write them down, make a plot for them
- don't sweat the fighting mechanic, that'll come later
- check copyrighting privileges and loopholes for that one.
- Make a short horror game.
- Come up with a title for my main game.

Those are just a few of my overall resolutions. I do have several more. I don't wan't to get you guys excited but another thing I need to make a draft for is an actual Book I plan on writing that will, in time with assistance from my people (they know people), MAY end up becoming a feature-length animated film (2-d of course, cause EF those modeling & Animation programs!)
So, yeah, lots to think about and do this year. You guys have any of your own resolutions you feel like sharing? or maybe a report card for how you did last year ^^
I admit, I didn't make any last year, that's probably why I did such a poor job of keeping everything in order ^^U but this year, I am BACK on track!



OblivionGateway, January 4th, 2016, 10:46 pm

avatar Dragonquest 9 tips The secret to playing through dragonquest IX is that you must accept that until you hit altrades abbey, your main character's stats are going to suck.

Personally, I went with martial artist, Thief, and priest to form the party, and it's extremely important that you give the martial artist the best equipment. Claws are great, but as stats approach cap, swords become better. (probably won't happen during regular playthrough)

As for skills, ALWAYS ignore any weapon skill. They're traps: it's always better to spend skill points on the class tree, and when that caps, overflow into shields. Never spend points if it won't hit a new skill: keep spares handy.

As soon as you can, track down the required quests to unlock Gladiator, for it is the strongest class in the game.

Also: as soon as you unlock altrades, level all of your characters to at least 15 in every class: by that point your gear allows you to beat weaker mobs to death with level 1 stats, and the first two class skills are usually useful.

If you do it right, you shouldn't need to really grind until much later, at which point farming metal slimes for a bit helps immensely, but is boring (And much much harder without vanish from ranger)

Your minstrel is going to be relegated to healing duty for the most bit, so he's backline. Or you can throw him frontline if you're confident enough.

Woowoowhistle, January 12th, 2016, 11:43 pm

avatar Dankrai The secret to beating Darkrai is room-clearing moves and lots of reviver seeds. Cresselia will use up most of them on the way down... so get a good amount.

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